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The Second World Knowledge Dialogue Symposium will be held on September
10-13, 2008 in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.
Two main interdisciplinary themes will guide the debate:

*1. Collective network knowledge & human individual intelligence:
Convergences and divergences
*2. Collaborative Behaviour, Altruism & Conflict: From animal behaviour to
economics and prevention of violence
Keynote lectures on the relationships between knowledge, scientific
enterprise and responsibility encourage participants to frame their
contributions in terms of the question: *Does a knowledgeable person have
additional responsibilities in the 21st century?
Principal speakers include the Nobel Laureates: Kofi Annan, Christiane
Nüsslein-Vollhard and John Sulston. Debates will be moderated by WKD2008
Scientist in Residence, E.O. Wilson.

See the full list of scheduled speakers on our *Programme*:

*Accredited journalists wishing to observe the symposium can apply for
affiliation and special conditions of attendance*
Deadline: July 31, 2008
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