[PCST] Reminder re Call for bids to host the 2012 PCST conference - extension on deadline for initial expressions of interest to June 16

Jenni Metcalfe jenni at econnect.com.au
Tue May 27 05:03:12 CEST 2008




Bids are invited to host PCST 12, the international conference on science
communication.  The conference is scheduled for 2012.  All proposals should
be made in writing and sent to me via email by June 16 2008. This will allow
me to send to scientific committee before the Sweden conference. You will be
expected to present your proposal to the scientific committee on the
afternoon immediately prior to the conference, Tuesday 24 June.


Please send your proposal to Jenni Metcalfe, PCST Scientific Committee at
the following address:


jenni at econnect.com.au


You may also mail proposals to Jenni at:

Econnect Communication

PO Box 734

South Brisbane Q 4101




Proposals will be considered by the Scientific Committee of the PCST group
at the PCST 10 Conference in Malmo, Sweden, from 25-27 June 2008.  Groups
interested in hosting the conference should be available to discuss their
bid with the Committee at that meeting.


If you need more information, please see the PCST web site at:




You could also discuss your proposal with members of the PCST Committee.  A
full list is on our web site.  President Mr Toss Gascoigne will be happy to
discuss proposals, and may be contacted at:  director at chass.org.au


PCST 12 follows a series of international conferences on science
communication which began in Poitiers in 1989.  The schedule for past and
future meetings is:


1. Poitiers, France (1989)

2. Madrid, Spain (May 1991)

3. Montreal, Quebec, Canada (April 1994)

4. Melbourne, Australia (November 1996)

5. Berlin, Germany (September 1998) ("Science Without Frontiers")

6. Geneva, Switzerland (CERN) (February 2001) ("Trends in Science

Communication Today: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice")

7. Cape Town, South Africa  (4-7 December, 2002) "Science communication in

a diverse world"

8. Barcelona, Spain (24-26 June, 2004)

9. Seoul, 17-20 May 2006

10.  Malmo, Sweden 25-27 June 2008.  "Bridges to the Future"

11.  Delhi, India.  December 2010.





i. Conferences will preferably be held in countries where they have not been
held before. Those that offer culturally diverse participation are
especially encouraged.


ii. Proposals should list those organisations that will support the
conference in the host country.


iii. Proposals should include an outline of the budget.


iv. Some indication of how delegates from developing countries will be
supported to participate in the conference should be included in the


v. Host countries are expected to support the attendance of members of the
PCST Scientific Committee at the conference through complementary conference
registration, and if possible assistance with travel to and from the


vi. Proposals should include an outline of a suggested theme for the


vii. The PCST Scientific Committee will lead discussion on the program and
acceptance of paper abstracts.


viii. The call for conference papers should include clear guidelines for
submission of abstracts (of no more than 100 words).


ix. Host countries are expected to arrange their own local organising
committee and funding.


x. Conferences should be in English with another language and translation
services provided where appropriate.




Jenni Metcalfe


Econnect Communication

PO Box 734

South Brisbane Q 4101

Ph. 07 3846 7111; 0408 551 866

jenni at econnect.com.au



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