[PCST] Climate change and the 2007 Australian national election

Rick Borchelt rborchelt at gmail.com
Wed May 28 23:28:49 CEST 2008

Dear colleagues -- Much of the "buzz" about the November 2007 Australia
national election -- which replaced an ideologically conservative party with
a more liberal administration -- was that the election turned in large part
on the liberal party's pledge to fight climate change and sign the Kyoto
Protocol.  If true, this would probably be the first national election to
turn on an issue of science policy.

Not so fast, PCST's fearless leader Toss Gascoigne argues in the current
issue of the journal Science Communication.  Climate change may have been
part of the campaign rhetoric, but as a proxy for the relative youth and
"hipness" of the liberal challengers and a reflection of concern for a
serious drought (that may or may not be related to global change) currently
affecting the continent.

See: Climate Change: "The" Issue in the Australian National Election 2007?
Toss Gascoigne
Science Communication 2008;29 522-531
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