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   P= lease note the intercultural climate change
   communication conference a= nnouncement below; the deadline has been
   extended. I hope to see a good num= ber of PCST members there! Sorry
   if this is a cross post for anyone -


   Susanna Priest

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   Call for Papers--Submi= ssion Deadline: July 15 Abstracts   ----   ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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   -----= ----------------------------------------------
   Global Dialogue Conf= erence Series
        GDC09:  RESPONSIBILIT= Y  ---
   November 3-6, Aarhus, Denmark
   --------------------------------   ----------------------------------------------------------------------
   -----= ----------------------
   An intern= ational, interdisciplinary research
   conference: [1]www.globaldialogueconference.org
   GDC09 is an integrated four-track meeting for researchers, journ   alists, educators, and business representatives. 
   Climate change r= equires globally concerted initiatives that cannot
   be motivated by direct p= ractical self-interest and economic
   incentives alone. The aim of this = conference is to compare
   conceptions of ecological responsibility across cu= ltures (and
   religions), and to explore the role of intercultural value stud= ies
   for the development, communication, and practical implementation of
   new= models of future-oriented and collective responsibility. GDC09 is
   the= first of a series of five biannual international
   interdisciplinary confere= nces presenting and promoting intercultural
   dialogue on values, as a means = of proactive conflict mitigation and
   social innovation.  The conferenc= e will conclude with the bestowal
   of the Global Dialogue Prize  (www.globaldial= ogueprize.org).
   We inv= ite submissions of research contributions from the areas of
   philosophy, pol= itical science, psychology, anthropology, theology/
   religious studies, soci= ology, conflict research, education,
   journalism and media science, manageme= nt, organization, and finance
   Please submit abstracts (500 words) by&= nbsp;July 15. Please see
   conference webpage for timeline and guideli= nes of submisssion and
   publication venues.
   Possible topics to be add= ressed in the JOURNALISM TRACK:
   o Wh= en and under what circumstances does climate change
   become a news= item?
   o What type of actors and themes can attract the att= ention of
   journalists and get climate change onto the news agenda= ?
   o How does environmental journalism operate and how does = it
   affect changes in individual behavior and public policy?
      o Is it possible to build a global public and what role can and    should
   local media play in this effort?
   o At a ti= me where scientists disagree amongst themselves and very
   few jour= nalists have a thorough scientific understanding of the
   issues, h= ow can we be sure that the information in the media is
   both accur= ate and adequate?
   o What is the appropriate role of journal= ists when reporting on
   industries offering market-based solutions= to climate problems?
   o Can peace journalism help to preven= t "climate conflicts", i.e.,
   social conflicts due to = climate change?
   o Do journalists carry increasing responsib= ility for intercultural
   communication and if so, how will it affe= ct the goals of journalism?


   Visible links
   1. 3D"http://www.globaldialogueco=/

   Hidden links:
   2. 3D"http://www.global=/
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