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Call for Papers SciCom09

„SciCom09 – education, dialogue or event? Challenges for a target
group-orientated science communication“

Scicom09 is the second international and transdisciplinary conference on the
topic of science communication in Austria, initiated and realised by
science2public (www.science2public.at) in cooperation with the Institute of
Science Communication and Higher Education Research (University of
Klagenfurt, www.uni-klu.ac.at/wiho) and the Vienna University of Technology
Please submit your paper until June 22nd 2009.
Please visit the conference website www.scicom.co.at to receive more
information: www.scicom.co.at (in German)


SciCom09 is aiming for 4 main objectives:
 1.    Interprofessional and transdisciplinary reflection among the various
players in science communication: scientists, media representatives,
communicators, scholars and policy makers.

2.    Analysis of communication processes and knowledge transfer among the
mentioned players in science communication.
3.    Illustration an examination of activities and formats in science
communication with regard to their differing target groups.
4.    Development of concrete recommendations for efficient, target
group-orientated activities in science communication.

Main issues
SciCom09 addresses to the various players and differing target groups in
science communication and seeks for successful activities and formats.
Submission on current issues concerning science communication are
appreciated as well.
In particular SciCom09 deals with:
1. activities and concepts in science communication
Which ways of knowledge transfer will be taken nationally and
internationally in the future? Which activities and formats performed well
(bad) in which contexts? Which setting can be established to value the
success or failure of communication strategies? Which conceptions of
responsibility and trust undergo the several practises of communication?
2. target groups in science communication focusing children and adolescents
Which recipients receive which messages in which way? Who seeks for which
Which way of knowledge transfer is successful and reasonable?
How can we deal with differing target groups: educational,
experience-driven, participative, conversational, gender-specific?
3. players in science communication and their interests
How are which players acting and in whose interest? Which rules, inherent to
the system, are linked to these interests and enable or disable which
communication process among which persons?
Target groups
The call for papers addresses to scientists as well as to media
representatives, communicators, scholars, policy makers, students, and every
other person who operates between science, media, education and cultural

Please submit your contribution in form of speeches, discussion rounds,
workshops, or in any other form of demonstration. Interactive and dialog
orientated formats are highly appreciated. Furthermore, there is the
possibility to present a whole panel. In that case you have to organise a
two-hour program in course of the conference. Please outline a first draft
in your submission.

Please send your submission to office at science2public.at
<mailto:office at science2public.at>  or via mail to science2public, Stiftgasse
21/16, 1070 Vienna. Deadline: June 22nd 2009.
Your proposals don’t have to be elaborated at that time.
Your submission has to include:
-       headline 
-       abstract (limited to 2500 characters)
-       if you submit a panel, please outline a first draft
-       short CV & photo (jpg.)
-       list of publications (selection)
Your submitted documents (title, abstract, CV, photo, etc.) will be
published in the agenda of the conference, on the website www.scicom.co.at
and in other conference related promotion material. If there are any reasons
which precluce a publication in advance please contact Sabine Kohlbauer:
kohlbauer.sabine at science2public.at
<mailto:kohlbauer.sabine at science2public.at> .
Contributions can be presented in German or English.
After June 22nd all submitted papers will be evaluated based on content,
form and adequacy for the conference (see intentions and main topics). It is
not possible to enforce a claim to acceptation of your contribution. Authors
of accepted contributions will be informed till July 30th 2009.
SciCom09 takes place at the Vienna University of Technology (Karlsplatz 13,
1040 Vienna). The University is in close proximity of public transportation:
metro U2, U4 and U1 take you directly to the conference.
For more information please visit the website of Vienna’s public transport:
www.wienerlinien.at <http://www.wienerlinien.at> .
Important dates 
Submission deadline: June 22nd 2009 (11:59 pm)
Information about acceptation or refusal: July 30th 2009 (11:59 pm)
SciCom09: November 16th to 17th 2009
Submitted titels, abstracts and information about the author will be
published in the agenda of the conference, on the website www.scicom.co.at
and in other conference related promotion material. If applicable the
presentations will be recorded during the conference. These recordings are
subjected to the same terms of licence as the submitted texts.
Conference team
Susanne Schwinghammer and Sabine Kohlbauer, science2public
Markus Arnold and Gert Dressel, Institute of Science Communication and
Higher Education Research, University of Klagenfurt (www.uni-klu.ac.at/wiho)
Bettina Neunteufl, Vienna University of Technology (www.tuwien.ac.at)

Sabine Kohlbauer
kohlbauer at science2public.at <mailto:kohlbauer at science2public.at>
T +43 (0) 1 890 4283 12
M +43 (0) 676 564 7085

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