[PCST] Science Communication associate editor(s) and book review editor positions

Susanna.Priest at unlv.edu Susanna.Priest at unlv.edu
Thu Jul 1 18:53:01 CEST 2010


   Science Communication is looking= for a new book review editor and one
   or more associate editors. If you are= interested in either position,
   please write me at [1]susanna.priest at unlv.edu with = an expression of
   interest and any questions. (Please attach your CV as= well.) These
   are volunteer service positions with limited time commit= ments. I am
   happy to explain more by email or phone, or to discuss this at = the
   upcoming AEJMC meeting in Denver with any of you who will be there= .
   This US-based English-language journal (published by Sage) = ;is
   international in its orientation; expressions of interest from
   individu= als based outside of, as well as within, the US are welcome.

   The main job of the book review editor is to contact auth= ors and
   publishers to solicit review copies and to find volunteer revi= ewers.
   We normally include an average of about 2 reviews per quarterly issu   e. (We may expand the number of issues in 2011 to six.)

   The main job of the associate editor(s) is to identify and invite    peer reviewers for submitted articles in a defined area of interest,
   then f= ollow up and -- ultimately -- to make a recommendation to the
   editor b= ased on those reviews. We are currently migrating the review
   process t= o an online system; thus the amount of actual
   correspondence time for = an associate editor should be minimized.

   Knowled= ge of the journal and of the international science
   communication research c= ommunity will be a plus. I hope to make
   these assignments by mid-August or = early September.

   Susanna Priest, SC Editor

   Susanna Priest, Ph.D.
   U= niversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
   Box 455007
   4505 S Maryland Pkwy
   Las= Vegas, NV  89154-5007
   702 895 5146
   [2]susanna.priest at unlv.edu


   1. 3D"mailto:susann   2. 3D"mailto:susan

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