[PCST] What makes a PCST conference unmissable?

Toss Gascoigne director at tossgascoigne.com.au
Tue Mar 29 02:28:20 CEST 2011

Dear Sir,

thanks for the message. The list sent is comprehensive. It has thought  
of everything.I am a science writer as well as a science fiction  
writer. i write nano science artticles in nano digest and write  
science fictions as well. My suggestions:

1. Given the status of science journalism, it needs further patronage  
and funding. Big media houses should be invited and they may all be  
grouped in a session so as to identify and interact with them as i  
could not meet many media persons from big houses during PCST-2010..  
this will help the science journalists in getting a proper outlet for  
their contributions.

2. In conducting workshops willing aspirants from the participants may  
be called for in advance from those capable of teaching . I , for one,  
conduct workshops on science communications in colleges.

3. Science fictions which shape future science and tech need be given  
a separate session. workshops for science fiction teaching may also be  
conducted. i am prepared to do my bit in teaching.

4. It is desirable that funding may be extended to freelance  
journalists like me to attend PCST-2012. I would like to attend but  
thus far funds are a concern to me.

5. Topical issues like fukushima nuclear station problem, expected  
solar flare event in 2012 may all be taken up

The list is not exhaustive. I would like to send more suggestions when  
they surface.

with best wishes and regards

Yours sincerely

K.Mohan(Mohan Sanjeevan)
Regional Editor kalkion.com
Feature writer Nano Digest
counihan at soton.ac.uk

Toss Gascoigne
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