[PCST] Reports of the European Project 'MASIS' have been published

Vladimir de Semir vladimir.semir at upf.edu
Tue Mar 29 10:49:57 CEST 2011

The first reports on the status of policy and research in 'Science in Society' from several European countries is now available online: www.masis.eu

These results belong to the European project MASIS ('Monitoring Activities on Science In Society ").  The MASIS' objective is to describe and monitoring the development of policy and research involved in 'Science in Society' in the different European countries. Its aim is to increase the popularization of these activities and their impact on society and politics. 38 countries have been evaluated, 27 of whom are members of the European Union. In each case, an expert has been asked to write a report on the social and political context of the research and the activities organized in the area, "Science in Society." The report has been produced according to a common format that includes sections for monitoring. 

The MASIS project was originated from the recommendations on the document 'Challenging Futures of Science in Society', published in 2009, from the European Commission and made by a group of 8 experts in the area of "Science in Society". The results of this paper have made a global vision of trends and have led to a evaluation of the strategy in the design and dissemination of the area 'Science in Society'. This document is avalaible in www.masis.eu

Vladimir de Semir
Science Communication Observatory-UPF

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