[PCST] "In praize of incompetence"

Claessens Michel Michel.Claessens at iter.org
Sat Jan 25 08:52:33 CET 2014

Dear colleagues and friends,

Just to let you know that I published last month a book, “In praize of incompetence”. Despite its title, the book is about innovation. I review the process of innovation and the structure of our societies. So it deals marginally with science communication (although I am sure my ideas about PCST can be detected between the lines...)

The book is in French (sorry...) but an English summary is available at http://euroscientist.com/2014/01/in-praise-of-incompetence/

The book is already among the 10 best-sellers of the publisher:

Best wishes,


Michel Claessens
Head of Communication and External Relations
ITER Organization

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