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*Conference on Technology Vision 2035*

*To be organised jointly by*

*Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment and Council (TIFAC)*

* &*

*National Centre for Science Communicators (NCSC)*

*​​​Dear Sir/Madam,​*

*National Centre for Science Communicators* (NCSC) was established in
January 1997. NCSC provides a platform to its members to accentuate the
development of science communication in India. The Centre also provides
opportunities for science communicators to explore and express their
talents and creativity for better understanding of science and recognises
and rewards such talents.

*National Council of Science Museums* (NCSM), an autonomous society under
the Ministry of Culture, Government of India was formed on April 4, 1978.
As per recommendation of the Task Force constituted by the Union Planning
Commission in early 1970’s to assess the activities of the Science Museums,
It has its own network of 25 science museums/centres spread across the

*Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council* (TIFAC), a
technology think tank under the Department of Science and Technology (DST),
oversees technology trends and makes an effort to delineate possible
technology trajectories that the country needs to take. TIFAC has made
significant contribution to Indian S&T system by bringing out technology
vision documents, technology assessment and foresight reports besides
supporting technology innovation, technology infusion in MSME sector and
patent facilitation.

Recently, TIFAC has brought out the Technology Vision 2035 document, an
outcome of an extensive visionary exercise involving about 5000 people
across 12 key sectors of national importance. The document was released by
the Hon’ble Prime Minister at the 103rd Indian Science Congress on January
3 2016, held in Mysore.

In brief, this document captures the needs and aspirations of Indians in
the year 2035 and enunciates them in the form of 12 prerogatives – 6
individual and 6 collective.  A set of 10 Grand Challenges have also been
identified. Towards achieving these prerogatives, a range of technologies
at different stages of evolution have been identified as enablers in this
context. This document is also being followed by technology road maps of 12
key sectors. A brief of these road maps is captured as “Technoscape” in the
document. You may access the document at www.tifac.org.in

NCSC is playing its cardinal role as S&T communicators in creating public
understanding of TV 2035 by facilitating interaction between the TIFAC
Think-tank team and selected stakeholder groups for diffusion and
dissemination of the essence of the document

A focused action plan can transform such technology vision into
realisation. Taking this into consideration, TIFAC in partnership with
National Centre for Science Communicators (NCSC) and National Centre for
Science Museums (NCSM) is organising a Conference on 18th April 2016
from 9:30 am to 5 pm at Nehru Science Centre, Dr. E Moses
Road, Worli, Mumbai 400018. The programme in addition to the presentations
on the main TV 2035 document by TIFAC, would also include plenary sessions
on 5 sectors of TV 2035. The sectors are: ICT, Health, Energy, Education
and Industry.

The agenda for the Conference would be:

*09.30 – 10.30 AM – Opening Session*

·         Opening remarks by Head, National Centre for Science Communicators

·         Objectives for the proposed National Discussion: by Dr. Anil
Kakodkar, Chairman, TIFAC

·         Overview of the Vision document- Dr. Prabhat Ranjan, Executive
Director, TIFAC

·         ​Salient features of the document by Dr. Bal Phondke, Author, TV
2035 Document

·         Making of TV 2035 Document – Dr. Gautam Goswami, Head, TV 2035

*Plenary Sessions*

*Session 1:**  10.30 AM – 1.00 PM*

Education: Professor Varun Sahni (Lead speaker) + Dr H C Pradhan +DR Deepak

ICT: Prof. Ashok Jhumjhunwala (Lead speaker), Mr. Ashank Desai, & Dr. *Uday

*Lunch Break: 1.00 – 1.45PM*

*Session 2**: 1.45 – 5.15 PM*

Energy: Dr.Rangan Banerjee (Lead speaker), Dr.S. P. Sukhatme & 1 expert

Health: Dr. W Selvamurthy (Lead speaker), Dr. Bal Inamdar & 1 expert

Industry: Dr. Narshima Rao (Lead speaker), Dr K V Raghavan & 1 expert

*Tea Break – 5.15 - 5.30 PM *

*Press Conference: 5.30 – 6.00 PM*

On behalf of organising committee I invite you along with the senior
​faculty ​
​ and the students​
of your
 to the conference to actively participate and enrich the discussion
towards realisation of the vision.

Kindly confirm your acceptance by email

With Kind regards
*Suhas B. Naik-Satam *

* TV2035*

   A.S.Manekar                                              Anil Kakodkar*
*Chairman                                                *
*Director General                                     ​    ​  Chairman*

Conference Secretariat:

*National** Centre for Science Communicators*

Vidnyan Bhavan, V.N. Purav Marg, Sion-Chunabhatti, Mumbai 400022
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