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F.P. Balvert f.balvert at erasmusmc.nl
Thu Mar 23 10:47:52 CET 2017

Erice International School of Science Journalism proudly presents its new website: http://eissjc.lnf.infn.it/

The deadline for applications for the fellowships for the 2017 edition of the school has been extended to April 10th, 2017.
You will find all information relating to applications and registration under the 'Applying to' button in the website menu.

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Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice (Sicily), Italy

International School of Science Journalism, 8th edition, July 1-6, 2017

'Unveiling the Universe: when Science hits the News'.

Theme: We are living in exciting times for the study of the universe: thanks to recent breakthroughs, such as the first direct detection of gravitational waves, scientists are attaining a deeper understanding on its birth, evolution and probable fate, while achieving a better knowledge of our galactic home through the search of extraterrestrial planets and the ongoing quest for life beyond Earth. These outstanding but complex discoveries can pose a tough communication challenge to communication professionals and scientists alike, who must look together for the most appropriate and engaging way to respond to the rising public interest.

The School: As journalists play a key role in promoting and strengthening a sound dialogue between scientists and society, the School provides every year to a group of young journalists an overview of the most recent achievements in a scientific theme or research field, alongside an analysis of the communication challenges they present. The School is based on lectures, interactive sessions and other activities held by international experts in the fields of science, journalism and communication, and encourages a lively discussion on how to communicate scientific results in different ways, for different audiences and through different media.

Sicily: The International School for Scientific Journalism is a meeting place for scientists, journalists and communicators to address the current developments in science journalism and communication together, in an informal setting. It is located in a beautiful medieval town on top of a mountain facing the sea. This offers the possibility to enjoy the Italian summer with panoramic views of the island and an introduction to its culture and delicious food and drinks.

Registration: The registration fee of Euro 500,00 (VAT included) covers accommodation, meals and coffee breaks, transfers to and from the airports of Palermo and Trapani (if you booked a flight to another destination, pick-up is not guaranteed), school material and certificate of attendance. The registration fee can be paid in cash in Erice, upon arrival at Majorana Secretariat, or, alternatively, by wire transfer. Please ask for bank details at the School Organizing Secretariat: EISSJC at LNF.INFN.IT<mailto:EISSJC at LNF.INFN.IT>

Fellowships: The School provides:
- 30 fellowships for participants applying from an European country, which cover school fee, meals, accommodation in Erice (double shared room) and travel expenses to/from Erice (no taxi included). Please note: Travel expenses will only be covered for the arrival on July 1st and the departure on July 6th, 2017;
- 5 fellowships for participants applying from a non-European country, which cover the school fee, meals and accommodation in Erice (double shared room), travel expenses are excluded.

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